***** UPDATE *****

The recent media attention about the Englishtown - Manalapan First Aid Squad is a little misleading. The squad has begun to take steps to ensure our financial solvency and appropriate emergency response times to our patients. In order to achieve these solutions the best course of action has been determined to bill insurance carriers of our patients. It is not the intention of the squad to aggressively seek payment from our patients and/or negatively affect our patients credit report. 

This solution is NOT IN PLACE AT THIS TIME. It is anticpated to take up to a year before all processes are in place for billing and the use of paid EMTs to support our squad. The squad more than ever needs your support financially in the form of donations. We are also looking for more volunteer members, please contact our membership committee at membership@emfas.org or call 732-850-6488.

This program's goal is to support and enhance the hard work our volunteer's have put forth since 1941, NOT to dismantle and replace our volunteers!

If you have questions about this program,  you can contact our President John J Cuccia Jr at president@emfas.org and he will be happy to explain the anticipated program.   

The Englishtown - Manalapan Volunteer First Aid Squad serves the towns of Englishtown and Manalapan, Monmouth county New Jersey, with prompt emergency medical services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  The men and woman that staff our ambulances are 100% volunteers who give up their free time to save the lives of their neighbors.  We have provided our services free of charge for the last 69 years and we look forward to another 69 years of serving our community.  However, we now ask for your assistance.  We are asking for donations, to keep our doors open and our ambulances rolling, and members willing to work only for the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference in your neighbors' lives.

For information on making a donation, please click here.